Anthony Agnello of Joystiq brings us another Joystiq Streams

Jeff Bakalar’s 404 Podcast features Circle member Russ Frushtick  

Ben Gilbert breaks down some mobile phone privacy issues via Engadget 

Unwinnable’s Stu Horvath has some AWESOME news! 

Chris Plante of Polygon talks Microsoft and TV

Adam Rosenberg has some tips for playing zombie game Daylight via Digital Trends 

Jeremy Voss Shouts from the Couch about his first impressions on Child of Light 

GameSpot’s Nick Capozzoli get early access to Broforce 


Check out what the Circle had to say!

Mashable’s Chelsea Stark delves into Minecraft’s new way of connecting the world 

Jeff Bakalar’s 404 Podcast features Peter Ha

Samit Sarkar has some new info on State of Decay: Lifeline’s DLC via Polygon 

Gamespot’s Nick Capozzoli reviews Arma III 

Anthong Angnello has a question for all of you via Joystiq


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Dan Ackerman of CNET talks Windows 8.1 update 

Joystiq’s Anthony Agnello reviews Always Sometimes Monsters 

Chris Plante of Polygon has the best games of March 

Samit Sakar gives us what may be next for MMOs via Polygon

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier talks the new Civilzation game 

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Jeff Bakalar’s 404 Podcast covers everything from Google to animation

Engadget’s Ben Gilbert has some words from Phil Spencer

Samit Sarkar reports on Oculus death threats via Polygon

Adam Rosenberg of Digital Trends reviews the new Diablo 

CNET’s Scott Stein has some words on the Acer Aspire

Jeremy Voss has a a lot on his mind via Shouts From the Couch 



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Polygon’s Russ Frushtick reviews Metal Gear Solid 5  

Dan Ackerman of CNET talks Infamous: Second Son 

Engadget’s Ben Gilbert has scoop on PS4 virtual Reality  

 Mashable’s Chelsea Stark also has words on Project Morphus 

Stu Horvath announces Unwinnable Weekly 


The Roundup: The Circle Speaks

By Sarah Awad

The Circle was chatty this week!  Check out what they had to say!

Anthony Agnello has another Tiny Streams on Titanfall via Joystiq

 Jeff Bakalar’s 404 Podcast has an Olympic theme this week

Ben Gilbert talks Harmonix’s new dance-y shooter on engagdet

Craig Goldstein interviews a B-Baller via MTV

Stu Horvath of Unwinnable asks if you have seen the yellow sign 


Polygon’s Chris Plante reviews Earth Defense Force 2005

Samit Sarkar of Polygon has some Broken Age news



The Roundup: The Circle Speaks

By Sarah Awad

The New York Video Game Critic’s Circle Awards are tomorrow, but let’s check in with our members before the big night!

Evan Narcisse talks about his whirlwind ride with Elriss Infinity via Kotaku

Anthony Agnello introduces a new segment on Joystiq 

Engadget’s Ben Gilbert has an Xbox One update 

Stu Horvath has something to say about “Sherlock” via Unwinnable

Jill Scharr at Tom’s Guide helps us out with SteamOS